Who are We?

It begins in1994…

Thanks to Hossegor council, Hossegor Surf Club has always been part of the young local surfers life. It is perfectly located in front of the famous wave of La Nord.

Under the management of few legends (Jacques Vives, Philippe Vergez, Seb Saint Jean, Jean-Louis Poupinel, Jérôme Barets), the club expands on the background of the legendary « Sud » Beach and the redoubted « Gravière ». Surrounded by volonteers and surfing contenders, the Hossegor Surf Club writes the surf history in France, Europe and very soon worlwide.



During this time, more and more international surfers fall in love with the region and reach the stars : Maurice Cole, Tom Curren led to the « Miky » Picon, Patrick Beven, Benjamin Sanchis. The fire starts to spread. The beachbreaks from the Landes get famous. The Flores generation was born: Joan Duru, first local surfeur on the CT, Marc Lacomare, massive potential and smile, the Laborde brothers, Maallems…The list is long and is getting endless. Thanks to you !

The Club is home to so many talents. It’s already part of history as its still shaping a present and a promising future ! Soorts Hossegor experiences the surf mania: the surf industry, the international competitions, the tourism and the trips push Hossegor and its club as the place to be ! 


There’s nothing like surf to teach you how to question yourself, to be flexible, to adapt to any situations. Surf is teaching us values that we practise in our daily life.

The Hossegor Surf Club is offering you its knowledge through a team with a strong local identity and authenticity.

  • Thomas Maallem 28 years old, diploma BPJEPS and licence of Staps from the Bordeaux University, in charge of our sporting and training program.

Together, they are the core of this legendary club : the new and old generation work together.


We welcome you everyday to share with you our passion in a privileged and authentic place with some of the best surfers in the world. Our mission is to represent a way of life and surfing in Hossegor and transmit it to the new generation from a very young age so they can embrace it as they grow old.

  • Through the club, we ensure that we follow everyone with a simple desire to surf all year long but also  young talents Sam Piter, Noah Dupuy, Kylian Guérin !
  • Hossegor Surf Club School welcomes you from the Easter holidays till the end of summer and the famous Pro France. We share our knowledge and we accompany you from your first wave.

Join us, get involved as we’re all surfers.


    +33 (0)5 58 43 80 52


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     22 impasse de la digue nord 40150 Hossegor



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