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Hossegor Surf Club has been an institution in France for 25 years for high level training.

We brought the best French champions (Miky Picon, Marc Lacomare, Joan Duru) and train today, a hundred local surfers in the region.

From 6 to 18 years old, we create small groups with similar level to help these individuals to improve in the best conditions. In addition of surf coaching, we complement the training through the Jérémy Florès centre, swimming training at the Aygueblue pool, the Capbreton skatepark and a physical preparation.

Hossegor Surf Club offers 3 different categories of coaching/training



2 training lessons per week

Group of surfers who desire to progress and improve their surfing.

450€ yearly
(350€ for Pitchouns)



2 training lessons per week

Group of surfers who desire to achieve good results during competitions (video analyis, physical preparation). Sessions are planned in function of the competition calendar. The club takes care of the transport and the supervision of the surfers during the contests.

500€ yearly



Federation members

Surfers who desire extra individualized trainings to improve their technical skills.


Pack of 10: 250€

Our surfers and theirs goals/expectations

Pitchouns (5-8 years old)


  • Familiarize and understand the ocean environment.
  • Take off and proper stance on the board.
  • Understand how to read the waves and which direction to take.

Kids (9-11 years old)


  • Understand and accept the dangers pf the Ocean.
  • Surfers independent, capable of surfing 1m waves.
  • Focus on stance and balance

Teens (-15 years old)


  • Complete knowledge of the coastal environment and safety considerations.
  • Ability to perform multiple maneuvers in all conditions.
  • Ability to self prepare mentally and physically.

U-21 years old


  • Precision in choice of waves.
  • Control and develop multiple maneuvers.
  • Capable of performing in all conditions at a high level.

Stand Up Paddle

1 training per week

This group is open to all adults who desire to participate in stand up paddleboarding in safe friendly environment.


The Hossegor Surf Club organize day outings on a regular basis: numerous lakes in « les Landes », Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay, Bassin of Arcachon.


The goal is to deliver a full package of techniques, understandings and safety.


Group of competitors who train together for future competitions.

All our services are certified and insured according to the regulations of the French Surf Federation, FFS license mandatory.

The Club continues to operate its services, at least and in parallel with the school, during the summer season.

    +33 (0)5 58 43 80 52

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