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Hossegor Surf Club has a large variety of surfboards, bodyboards and stand up paddle boards to choose from to ensure you enjoy the magic of our local waves. We renew our equipment to guarantee maximum safety and a board to suit everyone.

Softboards: Beginners. These boards are perfect for beginners to all ages as they’re easy to use, safe and very floatable.

Evolutive surfboards: Beginners/Intermediate surfers. While refining the curves of a soft board (shape, thickness, width), these boards are more reactive and easier to maneuver.

Shortboards: Advanced/Experienced Surfers. High performance boards made from resin.

Bodyboards: Accessible to all. Surf starts here. Bodyboarding is a fun, beginner friendly sport for all ages that’s sure to offer you hours of sea-based thrills.

SUP boards: All public. Stand up paddle is a fun sport that everyone can enjoy regardless of your age, size or ability. Share a relaxing moments with your friend and family!

Wetsuits: A wide range of wetsuits are available depending on the water temperature. Shorty for summer season, full wetsuits for Spring/Autumn or Winter sessions (3.2 mm & 4.3 mm)

2 hours 1/2 day Daily Additional day Weekly
(6-7 days)
Softboard 10€ 15€ 20€ 15€ 80€ 200€
Evolutive 15€ 20€ 25€ 15€ 90€ 300€
Shortboard 20€ 25€ 30€ 20€ 100€ 400€


1/2 day Daily Additional day Weekly
(6-7 days)
Bodyboard 10€ 12€ 8€ 60€ 80€
Fins 5€ 7€ 4€ 22€


1 hour 2 hours 1/2 day Daily
(6-7 days)
Stand Up Paddleboard 15€ 25€ 40€ 60€ 200€ 500€


2 hours 1/2 day Daily Weekly Deposit
Shorty (Springsuit) 6€ 8€ 12€ 35€ 100€
Full wetsuit 8€ 10€ 15€ 40€ 100€


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