Surf Trainings

up to 8 surfers

I dream to surf ! This year I learn or improve my game !

Objectives and Content:

● We want you to understand the Ocean and the Surfing equipment
● The teacher will position you in the best conditions, to get the best waves
● Work on standing while maintening your balance
● Work on a special gesture so you can ride your wave as long as possible


2h/day – 5 days


PITCHOUNS (5 to 8 years old)
from 3 to 6 surfers

Best time to learn and be a beach boss or queen !

KIDS (9 to 13 years old)
from 3 to 8 surfers

Fun and results guaranteed ! We are surfers !

Objectives and Content:

We teach through games and challenges the fundamentals.

● Understand and respect the ocean. Safety first !
● Ride a wave
● Stand up on the board
● Understand balance
● Orientate the direction of the board


1h30/day – 5 days


from 3 to 6 surfers

Grow stronger and improve your technique ! Personal coaching with a former professional surfer. Sensations and results guaranteed. Transfer to the best spot included.

Objectives and Content:

● Perfect your knowledge of the ocean and the waves to access the line up and find the best positionning to take off.
● Improve your speed to stand up so you can also improve your direction.
● Follow the wave frontside and backside.
● Optimize your position on the board and its trajectory to generate speed.
● Learn and improve your basic tricks (roller, cut back)


2h/day – 5 days



Associations / Groups / Collectivities / Professionals

We custom and personalize our offer to give you the best experience, regarding your needs (surfing lessons, services).

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