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The French Surfing Federation offers its members 5 types of licenses :

Competition Licence :

issued by the clubs, it is mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in federal competitions. It allows the holder to be ranked in the Federal National Ranking of the concerned discipline.

Practicing license :

which is issued by the clubs to anyone wishing to participate in community life of the club concerned. It thus provides, according to the structures, the opportunity to benefit of premises, equipment loan, participate in various festive events …

School License :

it is issued by affiliated clubs or schools labeled by the FFS, to any person who is issued a teaching provision of a discipline associated with the Surf (surf, bodyboard …). The licenses come in Schools :
– Trainee Licence in internships underwritten individually,
– License Group as part of organized groups such as summer camps, day camps…

License Director / Educator :

: it is issued directly by the FFS, to any person in charge of a private structure labeled by the FFS, or exercising the profession of educator in such a structure.



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